Machine park

The machines that we use for production are necessary to always ideally match the products to the needs of our customers.

Mikron VCE PRO

The distinctive feature of Mikron machining centers is their unique ergonomics. The impressive Micron VCE Pro is unmatched availability that is not dependent on the machine configuration.


More robust design, greater reliability, efficiency and ergonomics.

The new Mikron VCE Pro milling line is ideal for a wide range of applications. It will not fail either during 2½D or 3D milling operations. The machine in the standard version has performance that meet most of the customer's requirements. With additional options, the machine can be customized to your own needs.



The TBI VC product line is a new generation of vertical machining centers characterized by high reliability and high quality of workmanship.


  • High-performance solution for milling, threading, drilling thanks to fast feeds of 48 m / min in X / Y / Z axes.
  • Optimal pricing through the use of Siemens control and machine configuration for full functionality.
  • Compact design in which the machining space has been maximized in relation to machine dimensions.
  • Spindle temperature stabilization and rigid construction guarantee high precision and repeatability of machining.
  • Availability of spare parts thanks to universal technical solutions and components from global manufacturers.

Welding chamber



We have a wide range of machines necessary for production.

1. Mikron VCE Pro
2. Cantilever milling machine TOP FN-1V nr 1621
3. Lathe TUM-25B
4. Milling machine Fyd32M
5. Belt Saw Pegas 220x250 GH-R
6. Drill JAZON JWS-30
7. Flat grinder SPC20
8. Bending SH-80/5
9. Polisher Opti PSM 250
10. Threader XG-DS.-20LW
11. Table drill E1516 B/400 CE
12. TBI VC 610 Start Mill
13. Welder Lincoln 305C Powertec
14. Welder Kemppi EVO 200
15. Welder Kemppi Kompact 323R
16. Welder Fronius Transpocket 1500 TIG
17. Drill WSD 16
18. Drill Jazon JWS 30
19. Plasma cutter Jantar 2000/3000 with a Victor aggregate
20. Eccentric press
21. Band-saw Bomar 250/320
22. Conventional milling machine 6PM
23. Polishing drum
24. Welder Lorch T250 AC/DC
25. A hydraulic press 25T
26. Welder Lorch S3 SpeedPulse XT
27. Welder Lincoln Inverter V160-Tp
28. Welder Lincoln Powertec 305c 4R K14056-3